Error while viewing generated PDF

I'm using a widget that was made available on the Bonita Community community site to view a PDF generated by my process. When I execute local my process the PDF is displayed to me correctly, however when I run in the engine where the processes stay I get internal server error. Does anyone view PDF files generated by your process and if so, how do they accomplish this?

The link from where I downloaded the custom widget was:

Open File generated by Jasper automatically

I created a process in Bonita 7.5.4 that generates PDF files through the native Jasper connector of the tool, currently this report is sent by email, but I need to make this report open automatically in the navigator when the file is ready is it possible?

Create a Process receipt (In PDF form) to be sent to a local folder.


I am trying to create a receipt containing all of the process information and the BDM information from the process. The receipt would be added to a local folder every time a user would complete the process, and the receipt would be in PDF format.

My first instinct was to build a custom connector, and use 'pdfbox' or 'xreportdoc.' However it would be great to do this using the existing connectors and tools in Bonita.