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This tool provides the capability to purge efficiently finished (archived) process instances from Bonita Runtime environment.

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1.0.2 7.x 2020-Jul-21 Download
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1.0.1 7.x 2020-Jul-03 Download
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Measure execution time

processApi.executeFlowNode() is taking more than 1 minute in Production under peak load. The process model consists of several flow nodes. Would like to understand which flow node is time consuming under heavy load.Portal shows the steps started and ended but in hour:min only. How to find time taken at each flow node in milliseconds/seconds, may be DB queries?

Max number of active processes supported

Hi, I'm evaluating Bonita BPM for an important customer and I'm trying to understand if the Bonita's performance are adequate to the business needs.
It's a scenario in which are foreseen 1.000.000 running process instances simultaneously (waiting for a human task to be completed or for a timer to expire). The BDM will contain not too much of 5 structure, and any process instance will handle at least 2 BDM instance at a time. The system must allow to 1000 users to act simultaneously on the platform.

Performance Problems in Rest API Calls

I have performance problems in application pages. When I do a simple External API Call on a business data object (../API/bdm/businessData/ the call takes a long time (30 seconds) to be executed, although there are only 5 rows in the table on the MySql Database. When I execute the same SQL query in the database, it takes just a few milliseconds. This affects other business objects, too, which are connected via external api call.
I had not the problems before updating from version 7.2.3 to version 7.3.2.

Performance Issues - Start a Process

Hi there,

Got a problem with performance when starting a process.

Windows 8.1, Java 7 Bonita 6.4.0

The scenario, the processes are preloaded and not cleaned up when Studio closes, so they are already there, standard H2 install.

Upload document to Alfresco via AlfrescoRestClient in Groovy not working...?

Hello Everybody,

I have put a few documents in a list and these documents I want to upload to Alfresco.

This is the code I made:

Bonita performance/load testing with JMeter

Hi All,

Has anybody done performance/load testing of bonitasoft or BOS with JMeter or any of the testing tools.

I have searched a lot on the internet but didn't found the solution anywhere. It gives session logout error when I am recording the login scenario with JMeter and re-run it.

Any pointers will be really appreciating.