Custom Login with PHP using REST API

Hi friends,

I'm trying to log in Bonita with PHP calling the loginservice API.

I have an html page with the controls, then when in the page press "Log in", I call the php function to call de API with the user credentials.

Then I return something like this to the html page:

How to use forms from an external url

I'm using Bonita Studio 7.6.2 and i want to use forms from external url in my human tasks, so I found that for a human task to use external forms instead of the UI Designer one, I have to

Is it possible to use PHP and AJAX in UI Designer?

Is it possible to use PHP and AJAX in UI Designer? I ask because I need that according to the information selected in the first page of the UI Designer only the information corresponding to the selected record is displayed, for that I thought to use a select that returns the respective data to me. And for that I would need AJAX to be secure that connection. If you have another idea how I can do this display without having to go back to BonitaSoft Studio and need to create another task for this I thank you.

PHP webservices integration with bonita engine

I have been trying to follow how to at
The how to seem to be in older version of bonita. I have bonita 6.2. I have been trying to expose rest api over http, but all efforts are going in vain.

Could someone at bonita guide me how to expose rest api for latest 6.2 version.

Any help will be appreciated



Is it possible to use Bonita BPM with something else than Java?

I am very interested in using Bonita BPM for my project, however, I am not a Java developper, and I would like to use the development language I am used too.

What are the different way to develop with Bonita BPM?