Using javascript expression and saving to Database

How do i pass the data from javascript expression to the Database? I have been able to do the calculation and its good now , so i want to use the expression and send into the database so i can call the information up later and use it for the approval view.

the Javascript i used looks like this :

`var resultCalculate = Number($data.perdiemInput) * Number($data.noOfNightsInput);
return resultCalculate;`

This calculates the number of Nights and the per diem and then its bound to the input feild like this

Export as picture: how to improve the bad quality of the export?


I am using Community edition 7.5.2, and the pictures generated by Bonista are particulary of bad quality, full of aliasing in jpeg and png.

Am I missing a setting or something? (yes, the jpeg is set to 100% quality)

Possible to save a file/picture in the database ?


I need to know if it's possible to save a picture or a file in a business object? Thanks for your answers,