404 Error on loading of form and click on Submit Button

Hello, I'm having trouble with the submit form of a button. Nothing happens after the submit button is clicked and I get the following error on the browser console:

"Failed to load:

resource: the server responded with a status of 404."

Comment relier des tâches de pool différentes ?

Bonjour à tous, j'ai un petit problème dans mon modèle,

J'ai crée plusieurs "lane" dans ma "pool", dans ce cas aucun soucis pour relier mes éléments,

Mais je n'arrive pas à trouver comment relier des tâches de différentes "pool",

Quelqu'un sait comment faire ?

Merci beaucoup !!

Et si jamais vous savez répondre à cette question => Comment mettre des conditions dans un choix exclusif ?

Why does the text of the objects appear as gobbledegook?

I've just downloaded 7.3 and I've created a process with 3 objects and the text being displayed bears no relation to the names of the elements I've typed in.


The individual elements can be correctly seen in the Tree View and when clicking on the objects themselves the names in the Verify Details section/General tab is correct as well.

How to access the Bonita Form from external URL?


I am trying to set the pool level auto-login feature for a bonita form . I have created the username and password for the anonymous user(at pool level) and created a URL in the format of : (Note:Project Initiation is the pool name and 1.4.0 is the bos version and process = process Id ).

http://localhost:8080/bonita/?ui=form&autologin=Project%20Initiation--1....$entry&process=8068068927823037965&mode=form&locale=en .

“On Demand” Pool OR “On Demand” Process

Hi There,

I'm newbie in Bonita BPM and hope someone can help me. Let say we have a flow: Staff Request --> Approval By Supervisor --> Approval By Section Chief --> Approval By Section Manager. This is the right process and user should follow this roles. For some case, Staff Request can directly approved by Section Manager. Is it possible to do this in Bonita without changing the flow? Base on the needs, how we can control which process activated and which process deactivated without changing the flow?

Thank you, Whisnu

Share Files Between Pools

Hi Fellows,

I'm working on Bonita 6.3 and have this issue.

I have 2 processes (pools) one contains a document field which upload files to the process as "evidence". For business rule this "evidence" must be send to another process which collect and attach them for future visualization.

My problem is that I can't find a way to send that file to the other pool just using Bonita API.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

[Resolved] No access to global variable in Pool form?


When having a Pool form I cannot select a global variable to use as an initial value for i.e. text field or message field. In a Step form I can. Can somebody tell me why there's made a difference? Using v6.2

Best Regards -Frank

How I can do parallel pools?

Hi, I'm new using this program and after reading a lot of documentation I can not find solution to my problem: I need to insert parallel "pools" as in the image attached. Someone can tell me how?

I need do this Thanks!

Parallel gateways not working

Hi all,

I have a 2 pools diagram (A and B). Start task is on process A and at some point I need to wait for a message from pool B, so i decided to put a parallel signal to syncronize processes, but all tasks next the gateway are not executed. It seems that the gateway is not working.

I'm using bonita 6.2 community,

Thanks, any help is appreciated.