Use of Portal component


I am Alfredo Cuevas, I have been spending time learning how to use Bonita Soft since I think it will be very useful for automating the existing processes in a Notary.


I have studied and performed the included exercises

Cómo hacer visible una aplicación para los usuarios en el portal?

Estoy trabajando con bonita 7.9.4 versión community, y cree una aplicación, pero cuando ingreso al portal solo puede verla el administrador, la idea es q cada usuario pueda ver una aplicación según el rol que tenga agregando un tab al menú del portal, para las versiones de pago en la documentación dice cómo hacerlo pero para la gratis no, alguien ha hecho algo parecido? gracias de antemano

I change the database h2 for Sql Server and portal doesn't work

Hi everyone, my problem is that when I modify Bonitasoft version 7.5.4 to work with Sql Sever 2008, the portal and login stopped working, will anyone know how to fix it? Beforehand thank you very much!

Bonitasoft Community 7.5.4

Windows 7

Sql Server 2008

Changing the group membership of a user in bonitasoft portal doesn't show effect in the REST API calls

I was trying to change the group membership of the user using the administrator role on the portal, and i changed the role of one of the user and the tasks showing up for him changed accordingly on the portal under the tasks tab, but when i do REST API calls,I am receiving tasks of the previous group of the user only, can you please help me out with this bug?

Instantiate process automatically when logging in

I am developing a process in BonitaSoft 7.5.4 where the user when logging in should automatically instantiate this process, is it possible?

No puedo conectarme al portal de bonita (estoy tambien usando wso2 ei)

Buen dia,

Quiero utilizar bonitasoft y wso2 ei a la vez, pero cuando corro el proceso de bonita me manda a la pantalla de login en el portal de bonita, pongo user y pass y no hace nada sigo quedándome en la pagina de login.

Esto solo pasa si tengo el servidor de wso2 ei levantado y funcionando, si lo cierro el proceso corre normalmente, pero necesito de ambos (bonitasoft y wso2 ei).

Alguna sugerencia? siento que el problema viene porque ambos usan tomcat


Keep user in the case

Hello All,

In Bonita Community Edition, every time the user submits a form, the user is returned to the inbox (task list), even if the case has not changed lanes (the next task is in the same lane).

This can be cumbersome when a user has several open cases. Even more, the user has to find the case, open it, and take it again to start working on it.

Is there a way to avoid this? That is, to keep the user in the case page, unless it changes lanes. Or at least to avoid to take it again.

Thank you.

Close first task if there is a second task equal

How can I Close a task (the oldest one) on the portal if an equal new task is performed?

How to reset the engine BDM in the BonitaSoft Portal?

I know that in studio when we want to zero out BDM it is possible to do this by going to the BDM manager and it can be reset when leaving the manager, but how can I clear the BDM that I imported for the portal? I tried importing the BDM again but it always displaying content that I have already deleted from the database, if you have a ideia

BonitaSoft portal .css files. Where can I find them?

Do I need to change the BonitaSoft Portal Layout but can not find the .css or .js files, is there a default directory where I can access these files?