Bonita Portal: Logging in from a Different Computer


I have two users: One Employee; One Manager.

I'm going to be demo'ing my little program for a class in the coming days and was wondering two things:

How would I go about logging into the Employee on one computer and the Manager on another and still have the process work?

And is there a way for forms to instantly be seen when sending between the two without having to click "My tasks" or "To do"? As in the Employee sends a form, and it pops up automatically in the Manager's task list?.

Changing the look and feel of the portal, Subscription edition.

To whom it may concern,

I am trying to alter the look and feel of the Bonitasoft portal. The alteration is only to make the colour scheme blue and light blue. According to the page I only have to export the default look and feel, modify it and import it back into the portal. When I attempt to do this I get an error message, "An error occurred, please check your .zip file structure."