How to configure Studio H2 databases case sensitive behavior to get an identical behavior between H2 and PostgreSQL?


We are running into case-sensitivity issues due to the discrepancies between the H2 database used by the Studio and our postgres database in QA and production environment. These issues are not detected in the Studio by our developers because the H2 datasources configuration contains a IGNORECASE=TRUE;

From what I understand, H2 is configured to be case insensitive because we want the search in the Portal to be case insensitive. So all type of RDBMS (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle) must be configured (or at least bonita schema) to be case insensitive.

Error after installing BDM on budle Tomcat + Postgres platform

Hi! Please help!

Community Studio 7.10.3

Community Bundle Tomcat Platform 7.10.4

Postgre 9.3

After importing the Studio BDM from Studio, the tables are created in Postgres. When restarting the platform, errors occur and the platform does not start.

Before import the BDM the platform is working, created users, etc... but restart the bundle: