Install and Configure BonitaSubscription 7.9.x bundle Tomcat at CentOS7 with PostgreSQL 9.2

I'm trying to install and configure BonitaSubscription 7.9.x bundle with Tomcat 8 at CentOS7 server with PostgreSQL 9.2.... Unfortunately getting some errors at configuration stage :(
Installed PostgreSQL 9.2. with Tomcat 8 and trying to configure according to: Platform configuration setup tool

When using a setup tool, either way, " init " or " configure" getting the errors like:

Problem about Business Data Model with PostgreSQL DB

Hi, everybody

We have a Bonita platform defined with PostgreSQL DB (a main BD and Business Model)..

I've interested in testing the Procurement example, using a BDM. Read data and delete data running success, but when I'll try to insert a new records (new MyObject), appear in the Window Code Inspector the follow error:

Como exibir as informações de um array list no UI Designer?

Preciso exibir as informações de um arrayList no UI Designer, porém estou começando a utilizar a ferramenta Bonitasoft agora, como posso exibir essas informações? Fiz um select no banco para salvar as informações no arrayList.

How to get bonita process data from postgreSQL

I want to get bonita process data and want to show on custom page how can i get data of a process from postgreSQL of specific forrm/ specific flow node. Can i get that m confused pivot is not working on postgreSQL. can anybody help how can i get data from postgreSQL.

Fetching process data from PostgreSQL

I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1 and PostgreSQL have three forms in my process.I want to use data which Bonita by default saves in its configured database. First form is starting process having fields like Title, Start Date, End Date, upload file widget. Second form is changing title, dates and files.Third form is is for only viewing these changes and finalize them. How can i get all these values after third form submission. How can i relate tables and get my variables values.

display dynamic list in Select widget

I am trying to fetch values from PostgreSQL database and want to show these values in drop down /select box in Bonita ui designer. I have study many tutorial but not found complete useful information. I am new to Bonita so confused about how to show list of values in select box and pass selected value to next step. I have worked with input field and passed user input value using process variable to next step but do not how to work with dynamic select box.

config bdm fo postgres

I've configured bonita 7.3 for postgreSQL
both engine db and business db.
engine db work well but there is some problem in business db.
i cant resume bpm service after add my bdm.
(bdm imported successfully and tables was created in db)
here is my error in protal :

`org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.BonitaRuntimeException: USERNAME=install | org.bonitasoft.engine.transaction.STransactionCommitException: javax.transaction.RollbackException: ARJUNA016053: Could not commit transaction.`

and my log file is :

More help with Postgres/Connector/Conversion

I have a Postgres table, from which I want to get one row. This is necessary for my 'registration' procedure, that I need to get up quickly, and as a prototype for the rest of my project.

It has taken forever, as those of you who have read my rants and requests, know, to get this far.

My table:

[RESOLVED] Serious Question

Using CE Studio 7.2.2...

If I use anything but the simplest query, I cannot retain the ability to use graphical output options for my connector.

I have two issues I'd like help with related to the following.

Using postgres, can I contemplate writing a query like:

select customerid, customer, pass1, pass2, var1, var2, var3, var4, var5, date1, date2
from customer
where customer='${variable}'
select 0,'','','',0,0,0,0,0,null,null
from customer
limit 1

postgresql bonitasql connection

I've moved on - using postgres, stock, in a new, clean 7.2.2 studio

script looks like this:

import groovy.sql.Sql;

def result=[];

Sql sql = BonitaSql.newInstance("jdbc:postgres://", "bonita_db_user", "bpm", new org.postgresql.Driver());


Trying to do this as simply and straightforward, stock, out-of-the-box as possible.

Problem is: