Cannot start Bonita 7.2 tomcat bundle + postgresql

I followed this tutorial

When I started tomcat server I got this message

Node not started. Method 'org.bonitasoft.engine.api.LoginAPI.login' cannot be called until node has been started (PlatformAPI.startNode()). Exact class: org.bonitasoft.engine.api.impl.LoginAPII

¿Como configurar Postgresql?

Hola, necesito configurar postgresql para colocar un sistema en produccion, por lo que he seguido la documentacion oficial:

Lo intente con las versiones 7.1.5 y 7.2.1 pero no he tenido exito, y estoy utilizando postgreSQL 9.3 y 9.5.

How to configure Postgresql?

Hello, I need to configure postgresql, so Im following the documentation ( but I cant make it work.

Someone has been set postgresql? Please, I need help.


Tomcat Bundle problem when running a new process

Hello everyone.

Recently, I was trying to configure Tomcat bundle using Postgres 9.3 with Bonita BPM 7.15, I starded up Tomcat with the new configuration with this command "start /AFFINITY 1 startup.bat" and I didn't have any problem, bonita bpm created bonita_journal and business data into postgres.

If I open Bonita Studio and open the portal option, it work without any problem. The problem is when I want to run a new process ,it send me a error like this:

BPM7 - How to pass variable in business model instance to a database connector

Update: See my last comment to skip to part of the answer.

I have tried many ways of doing this but not able to find any documentation or videos out there. Maybe the new version is to need.

How do we pass data contained in our process instance of a business model to the connector (Postgresql) SQL query? I have tried several ways without any success:

Problem connecting to external PostgreSQL DB using connector

Bonita BPM 6.5.2. Community PostgreSQL 9.4

I am very new in using Bonita. I am studying it to use in production. I stuck in pretty simply task. I need to create connectors in order to get and update data from/in external client base (PostgreSQL). I created connector in lane, entered correct info for connecting to the database but can't event test connection with simple queries.

Here are my steps:

  1. Choose connector - PostgreSQL 9.2.
  2. Choose driver - PostgreSQL.

  3. Enter DB access information. DB is hosted locally.

Groovy - Error while communicating with the engine.

Hi there,

I have a java program that works perfectly with postgres driver 9.2, and it also works in my groovy scripts except one.

Here is my code:

Basically I am trying to upload the document d1 to postgres as a byte[]. This works in java but I cannot get it to work in groovy, which it should.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Seán