Running Bonita in a Docker container


I have to deploy bonita in production for around 30 users.

For now I have done a quick POC using a modified official bonita docker image running in an Amazon EC2 cluster with a postgres/RDS database.

The service/task has a lot of CPU/RAM available but bonita is really slow. I tried to tweak the JVM/Tomcat settings without success. It seems the JVM process & threads have a hard time exploiting resources available to the container.

Does anyone run bonita in production in containers (with the tomcat bundle) ?

Installation Mysql Database Bonita BPM platform

Following the official documentation and new to ubuntu / MySQL / Bonita I wish to setup a Bonita BPM platform.
I downloaded the Tomcat-bundle and I wish to setup MySQL Database.

But when looking at the official documentation, the Database must be configured, (it is writed literaly everywhere) there is no informations / guide for MySQL database.

Here is the only thing they say for MySQL :
Maximum packet size

Hardware / Software requirement minimum

I wish to build a bonita BPM platform and I prepared a ubuntu 14.04 VM for this task.
But the software requirement are really weird.

Are the software requirement a MINIMUM or the UNIQUE required version (and no others are supported) ?

Example : MySQL 5.5.27 can I use mysql 5.7 ? Or is this necessary to get THIS (5.5.27) version in particular and no other one ?

Which Java version is required for Bonita Studio?

I am quoting from :

"Java The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to used by default. JRE will be used when compiling and running Java code."

Would it be possible to mention in the documentation which version of Java is required?