How can i update a task priority via REST API

I use:


with the var i have the task id.

When i try to update the task priority from normal to highest i cant make it via API REST.
i send: {"priority": "highest"} to try to update the field.

I'm using bonita bpm 7.2.2

Thanks for the help.

BPMN Data in files, especially Priority data in xml

Hello everybody.

I am heavily using the bonita export to bpmn files in xml format, and i am missing some parts of the modelled process in this xml.

1. In Bonita Community I am able to set the actor of an activity as "use actor from lane". I cannot the the link between the lanes actor and the activity within the exported bpmn file. Is this not part of the standard?

2. When I set any priority to an activity this will also not be in the exported xml file. Is this not part of the standard either ?