How to Call Another Process in different diagram

Hello everyone, Does anybody here know how to call another process in different diagram? For example I have an input process, i want to open edit page in another diagram through the menu input process.

Process started by Start Message

I Have a Process that is started with a 'Start message' event, works well

My questions are,

The StartedBy returns 0 (Why is not the Id of the user that started the parent Process)

The RootProcessInstance returns the same process Id (Why is not the id of the Parent Process)

The CallerId returns -1 (Why is not the id of the Parent Process)

For example, If I have 2 parent process definition, how to I know Who is the caller? o What is the Process Instance Id that fired the start message event... I have to add parameters to my starter message ?

Keep track of user that cancels/ends process

Is there an easy/recommended way to create a process that can be cancelled/ended at any point by a user?
It's also important that the user that "cancels" the task is recorded in the archive table, so I can't just delete the task entirely.

I'm aware there is cancelProcessInstance in the API but this has no option to keep track of a user. I know I have the option of creating a separate "End Process" Task that could transition directly to a Terminate End Event, but then multiple tasks will show up in the Portal for users, which is a little confusing.

How to update a Live process from portal?

1- Delete the existing and installing the new one?
In this scenario, already running cases data is also removed.

2- Should I use versioning? and disable the process from the portal and not to delete the old one?

I already have done with the first approach and now my cases are in between the process... what can I do?

Urgent, please!!

How to take a report from business flow and the state of business data model in each step of process

Hi everyone

I want to monitor my business flow and I need to know the state of BDM in each step of my process.
but as I have read some document so I think Bonita haven't this feature to have BAM.

how can I have BAM on my Bonita processes?

migrate instantiateProcess of RepairAPI (groovy)

Hi all,

the goal is to start a new process through groovy and apart from defining some process variables, we want also to define its start activity (no to start from the begining).
e.g. in 5.9 the RepairAPI implemented
instantiateProcess(ProcessDefinitionUUID processDefinitionUUID,
Map<String,Object> processVariables, Collection<InitialAttachment> attachments,
List<String> startActivitiesNames, String instanceInitiator)

At Bonita 7.5 how can we do that?

thank you in advance

How to pass a complex type in processAPI.startProcess

Hi all
I want to pass a complex type to my process while I want to call the processAPI.startProcess but I totally don't know how to do this, I thought that maybe below code could help me but it couldn't.

(solved) Initialize Business variable using process variable value

can i initialize a property of a business varible using the value of a process valiable?

The above code in the groovy script throws the exception "No contract data found named: aProcessVar"
def myvar = new myBusinessObj()
myvar.aBusinessVar = apiAccessor.getProcessAPI()
.getProcessInputValueAfterInitialization(processInstanceId, "aProcessVar");
return myvar

Also on a connector (input or output) i cannot update the value of a variable:

Multiple users to perform action

Hello. I am newby in bonita bpm and trying to learn about it in practice. So, i decided to implemet some proccess to figure everything up.

So, i wonder if there is any way to implement multiple execution of some logic for multiple users. I am trying to create something like this:

Imagine process: some process initiate start of auction, where any (or some) user can place bet. Then the highets bet wins, and process goes to the winner.

To generate .bar file from my process

How can I generate a .bar file from my process, when I export my process it always stays in .BOS format but this format I can not import to the portal