Process instance

Delete Process Instance

Is there a way, through REST, to delete a process instance, no matter where it is in the workflow?


** Nevermind, I found it..Did the awesome thing of reading the documentation xD

Multiple users to a ProcessInstance

Hi Bonita Community,
I have User group, What i need to dispose tasks for each user, when each one finish their tasks,
-he will be added to a list.
-if he negates his addition in the middle of his interaction, he will be not added.

in each of this cases, the task will be release to a next user, but for Interested/Disinterested users, will not appers this processTasks again.

I need a full code path orientation, i dont have BonitaBPM expertise and im a college volunteer and dont received any education in BonitaBPM from my superiors, Help me please.

How to pass parameter to process instance

Hi. I am a newbie to Bonitasoft.

I have created a page to display a list of clients.
I know how to select the row on the table; but i need know how to pass the client persistanceId (code) to my edit / update process; in order to edit the details for that client.

Would it correct to try set a variable & somehow pass this to the process: - or am i completely wrong?

Thanks in advance!

How do I Insert the case number in a process variable

Well, the tittle is self explained.

I found something like ${processInstance.getNb} but the editor says that cannot be resolved, i know i'm missing something just i dont know what.


Stop a process instance


I'm trying to do abort button (terminate the task incessantly) if user are accidentally select wrong task to do. I've been looking up in Bonita Documentation and found this:

final ProcessAPI processAPI = TenantAPIAccessor.getProcessAPI(apiSession); processAPI.cancelProcessInstance(processInstanceID); - See more at:

My question:

Bonita API to assign a task

Hi all folks

i would like to know how using the Bonita API to assign a task of a process instance from one user to another.

Example: Process A has three consecutive tasks Task1 , Task2 and Task3. User admin started the process and it executed Task1 and Task2. Now with the Bonita API Rest in a java client it's necesasry to asign the Task2 of that case ( process instance ) to the user John.

Is it possible ? I could not found the correct Bonita API method.

Thank You