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Edit table Row and Save data in MS SQL DataBase

Good afternoon,

I m working on a process that should get data from MS SQL DB using a connector , and display data in Table. But , I need to add edit and save actions to that Table in order to update some Cells in a table Row and to Save the new row to The same DB.

Im thinking about using another connector to save my Data to DB. But my main concern is : How can I achieve this task.?

(ps:Im not using any BDM ,just some process variables) , any suggestions!

regards !

Error in Custom Query

Hi everyone, i am trying to create custom update bdm query. But suddenly when i started the process the error message like this "The business data 'requestCA' with the class name 'com.company.model.RequestCA', is not managed by the current version of the BDM" displayed right after i pressed the run button. I changed the query many times but the message keep appearing. These are queries that i have tried before:

How to update a Live process from portal?

1- Delete the existing and installing the new one?
In this scenario, already running cases data is also removed.

2- Should I use versioning? and disable the process from the portal and not to delete the old one?

I already have done with the first approach and now my cases are in between the process... what can I do?

Urgent, please!!