process variable

How to access process variables from UI


I have a business process variable named vProc that has an integer value initialize of 125.
I initialize the process by a UI Form that has these variables:
task | ../API/bpm/task/{{taskId}} | External API
taskId | id | URL parameter
vProc | ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.caseId}}/vProc | External API

In my form I have three Text Areas to show the values: | vProc | taskId

MySQL connector and process variable to UI Select widget

Hi everyone,

I have a simple process with a mysql connector that should fetch data from a db and save it to a process variable. On the UI side, I want to display the process variable into a select widget.
I have a simple script that return a string in JSON format

Assign a process variable in a REST API variable in the UI Designer, is it possible?

I have a login screen where according to the user that is logging I need to display only the companies that he / she attends, I was able to assign to a process variable the respective company code to the user who accessed the system and I have a BDM where all the Registered companies are already available to be displayed in the UI Designer but I do not know how to display the companies that have the same code as the user that is accessing, so I thought of creating a API REST variable that would only return companies with the same code , But I can not put a process variable in this query, is

Pass information from a process variable to the attributes of my BDM

I need to save the contents of my process variable to the attributes I created in my BDM, how can I do this?

Link para o arquivo .bos:

Get process variable data from the Start process form (instantiation form)


I have a process variable which has a list; the list is created by a "connector in".

I need to retrieve the list in a Select widget, but it seems that I can NOT get the process variable data from the first form (instantiation form)...

It does work with other activities. I can get to show the list in the Select widget in other activities, but it does not work with the instantiation form.

Do you know how to handle this?

Thanks a lot.

accessing a process variable from a powershell script

Hi everybody,

I'm new to bonita and while playing around I get stuck when I try to use a process variable inside a (otherwise unmeaningful) powershell script called from script-connector.
Pressing ctrl+space inside the script pane shows the process variables defined. Clicking on the desired one makes it appear as ${myProcessVariable}.
Unfortunately it never gets used in the script, neither with curly brackets nor without...

ps-code goes like this:

How to call process variable into user interface in bonita 7 [ need tutorial ]

Hello guys,

I'm interested about BPM and I've installed bonita 5 and 7 in my computer.
I've created my process business into bpm modeling, and now i'm in phase of developing my business process into application ( UI Designer ).
In my modeling process, i've created a process variable ( Java Object - java.util.List [No Coding, Just Created] ) to stored my MySQL - query ( Created using Graphical Connector In ).

How do I Insert the case number in a process variable

Well, the tittle is self explained.

I found something like ${processInstance.getNb} but the editor says that cannot be resolved, i know i'm missing something just i dont know what.