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How to update a Live process from portal?

1- Delete the existing and installing the new one?
In this scenario, already running cases data is also removed.

2- Should I use versioning? and disable the process from the portal and not to delete the old one?

I already have done with the first approach and now my cases are in between the process... what can I do?

Urgent, please!!

How to get current version of process that is active?

Is there a way instead of hard-coding process version
Assuming at one time only one version of that process is enabled, previous versions are disabled.
I am using microservice to create flow using ProcessApi, need to deploy everytime I am changing the process version, That is highly costly.
How to do this efficiently?

P.S: I am not connecting to my database from my service, so ruling out that option to fetch from db.
Please provide a better solution for this.
Thanks in Advance.