send message


as you have suggested, to send message i create a groovy connector with this code:

import org.bonitasoft.engine.api.APIAccessor;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.api.ProcessAPI;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.api.ProcessRuntimeAPI;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.expression.ExpressionBuilder;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.expression.Expression;
//import java.util.logging.Logger;

Starting process with contract input using external java gives "Unable to deserialize object <object-stream>" error


Im trying to make a java application in spring boot that can start a process, without contract input it works fine.

However after i try to pass contract input i get this error:

org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.BonitaRuntimeException: Unable to deserialize object


szamlafejInput <-----------this is the contract input complex objects name in studio

Peti <------------this is the only variable of the object (String)

How to compose input object for "processAPI.executeUserTask" method

Hi to All,
I'm having difficulties in consuming method processAPI.executeUserTask(long userTaskInstanceId, Map<String,Serializable> inputs) via bonita java API.

I just can't format Serializable object/value for Map<String,Serializable> in a right way. I always get exception "cannot be assigned to COMPLEX type"

org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.contract.ContractViolationException: USERNAME=walter.bates | Error while validating expected inputs: [[{attributeName: "aaaaaaaa", attributeValue: "bbbbbbbbb"}] cannot be assigned to COMPLEX type]