Process started by Start Message

I Have a Process that is started with a 'Start message' event, works well

My questions are,

The StartedBy returns 0 (Why is not the Id of the user that started the parent Process)

The RootProcessInstance returns the same process Id (Why is not the id of the Parent Process)

The CallerId returns -1 (Why is not the id of the Parent Process)

For example, If I have 2 parent process definition, how to I know Who is the caller? o What is the Process Instance Id that fired the start message event... I have to add parameters to my starter message ?

List name of active users - Bonita 7.5

Hi all,

at bonitasoft 7.5.4. we would like to list the names of active users of a process.
How can i reproduce this in a groovy script.
In older version, i have an example:
apiAccessor.getQueryRuntimeAPI().getActiveUsersOfProcessInstance(new ProcessInstanceUUID(my_uuid));

Thank you in advance.

How to create mail notification task inside a process using BPM Java API?

I'm new to Bonita BPM Java API; I want to create a process on the fly from my web app with some tasks and a notification mail should send at the end of the process.

Can somebody please help with any sample application in latest version (Bonita 7.5) OR documentation to how to create connector and send mail at the end of the process.

list process can be started in live APP

I would like to know how to have the list of processes that can start the current user in UI designer (live application).

Thanks advance

Process Vraiable is not working in bonita ui

I am trying to display process variable using external API in bonita ui but its only working with administrator but not with simple user.


As per definition processApi.getActivites is supposed to show both open and completed activites.
For one requirment, to show like Routing slip. I am trying to write a method which gives all the completed Flow node for given RootContainerID.

But when I am using processApi.getActivities for getting this. I am getting only Active Flow node instances.
How can we get all the active and completed tasks and timers?

Thanks in Advance