Max number of active processes supported

Hi, I'm evaluating Bonita BPM for an important customer and I'm trying to understand if the Bonita's performance are adequate to the business needs.
It's a scenario in which are foreseen 1.000.000 running process instances simultaneously (waiting for a human task to be completed or for a timer to expire). The BDM will contain not too much of 5 structure, and any process instance will handle at least 2 BDM instance at a time. The system must allow to 1000 users to act simultaneously on the platform.

Multiple users to perform action

Hello. I am newby in bonita bpm and trying to learn about it in practice. So, i decided to implemet some proccess to figure everything up.

So, i wonder if there is any way to implement multiple execution of some logic for multiple users. I am trying to create something like this:

Imagine process: some process initiate start of auction, where any (or some) user can place bet. Then the highets bet wins, and process goes to the winner.