Retrieve the id of a process and navigate to a new form/process on the action of a button

This question may be a detailed one as I need to understand the anatomy of an application through it.

Case Overview : The engine was not able to know if the user is involved in the process instance. Error while executing command:

I am trying to create a manager profile where I assign a manage case tab for this profile. I am not able to overview cases done by other users. I get the error :

How to distinguish open case from archived case.


I am using Bonita Community 6.3. I would like to create an overview pageflow. Specifically i would like to have a form on case level containing some data about process instance (starteBy, startedDate etc.). So in widget's initial value script I am getting ProcessInstance to get this data. The problem emerges when the case finishes and is moved to archive. I know that I can get ArchiveProcessInstance by

How to get the current task of a case from another process


I'm trying to get information about the current task case from another process because I got to make possible modify some local variables from a "monitor" process. I can't find nothing in the ProcessAPI like "getCurrentActivity" or "getCurrentTask".

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