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Update a process in Production without losing data

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We would like to know the best practice to update a process in production without losing data. Currently, we disable the older version and install the new version so that the in-flight instances are not affected by this change.

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Raji Malla

Link studio to production platform


I would like to understand how the studio is linked to the production platform after it has been created or are the files (BDM,bos,etc) just uploaded to the production environment?


Bonita BPM Production

I've downloaded two versions of Bonita BPM Production, one for Windows with tomcat and the other for Linux with tomcat but it seems that both are the same (the same volume).
It works for Windows, but not for Linux. As a matter of fact there is no executable file for Linux.
What is the problem? Where is the Linux version of Bonita BPM Production with tomcat?
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Install BonitaSoft 7.1.4 in Cent OS

Is BonitaSoft 7.1.4 production environment (Tomcat) compatible with Cent OS? if so what version of it?
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Bonitasoft System Requirement for production environment

Hi everybody I understand that in the documentation there is already information about the H/S requirements and it even give this message "The hardware recommended for Bonita BPM Platform is strongly dependent on your environment and processes (number of processes instances, number of current users, operations and complexity...)." which is totally correct but my question is, exist any kind of metric or measure that I can use to determine the H/S requirements given x quantity of process, users etc...?