Adding new Entity to Database from MainPage


I have an application, that should add one row (entity) into the business data modells datatable, but from the main page.
I tried creating an insert query, but probably that is not possible. My other approach was using rest api extension, I thought it would be as easy as creating a new entity in the studio, with groovy script, but all I could create is a simple object, it wasnt saved in the database.

Business Object query in Bonita Studio

Sort records from API Call

The documentation shows the 'o' parameter in the API call to order multiple resources records (http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/?page=rest-api-overview&hash=resourc...).

Is this overruled by the Ordered By part of the BDM's query? Or perhaps I just have the syntax wrong?

Using a Variable in a Query

Hello all,

I have been attempting to insert a variable into a query and have found many different posts around the internet telling me to do it many different ways. For example... if I had the query

select veg_cat_code from geo_feat where geo_feat_id = '5';

I want to have it be

select veg_cat_code from geo_feat where geo_feat_id = 'variableToBeQueriedWith';

I can't seem to find out how to do this. I've read that

select veg_cat_code from geo_feat where geo_feat_id = '${variableToBeQueriedWith}';

how get value of records from a query in form UI designer?

how to access the value of records from a query? suppose I have the attributes in BDM are name, access code, age. Then i make form in UI designer that contains of a input widget an access code, and submit button that connects to the form that contains the name and age appropriate data access code is entered. The question is, how do I write code in the input widget and submit button so that I can generate the appropriate data based on the access code?

i use bonita 7.3. Thanks

Connecting a mySQL database


I'm extremely new when it comes to Bonita BPM and am having troubles connecting to my MySQL database. I can't seem to find any guides out there that are for the most recent version of Bonita BPM. Could someone give me a short tutorial and help walk me through what I need to do?

Thanks for your time,

Setup Information:

Driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/firstdatabase

Query: select * from testing where test_id = 'testingquery';

How to pass dynamic query into table widget

i create one variable id .

now i want to fire query , select * from ZZ_TEST where id = var(id)

how can i use this type of query into data source connector . (oracle database connector)

Thanks kandarp

unable to run an oracle query

Hello, I currently testing bonita in order to chose a BPM solution for our firm. But I have a problem connecting to my oracle database (oraclient 11h and ojdbc6) with Bonita 6.2.1 community edition I set a connector like this :