Can't Add a Resource Page

I cannot add an application page using "Add" button on the Resource page in Bonita Portal.

I created a Page using the UI Designer. Once I go through the process and clicked "Confirm", the webpage would refresh as if the resource has been added. However, the resource doesn't show up on the list, i.e. the Page was not added.

I have also tried to add an empty Page, it didn't work either. So I don't think there are any bugs on my Page. It seems to me that this is a Bonita bug.

Anyone had a similar situation? How to fix this?

download link for Migration tool v 1.21.0 doesn't work


i can't download the migration tool v1.21 for migration to BonitaBPM 6.5.2: download link does not work because the page redirects to a not available resource. Can you provide a valid link? Thank you

Regards Antonio

Use an image that is in the resources folder of the process


I add an image in the resources folder of my process. In the Application / Resources tab, the path of this file is "Resources/signature_files/signature.png". I try to use this file in a html widget. I use this code