REST api connector usage


I came here to ask about how to use the REST api connector in Bonita 7.10. I was looking through the contributions to see a project that uses it as a connector, however, I couldn't find any. I tried the community projects, such as the official vacation management project and the procurement one.

If you guys happen to know any project or a tutorial that teaches how to use it, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'http://localhost:50129/bonita/API/bpm/humanTask/40098/execution' from origin has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: It does not have HTTP ok status.

Im trying to execute a task using Form External URL using another HTML5 framework , but that's what I get when I send the POST Request , what is the problem ?

how to download a csv file when clicking on a button widget


I'm trying to send some data in csv format from an application page when the user press a button.

I have a rest API method which is called when pressing the button. The code formats some data and should send them through the browser so that the user can download it.

I'm stuck when trying to send back the data, how should I format the response?

I get the following error right now :

Use local and process variable in form

Hi, i tried to use process variable in UI Form. To do this i used Bonita REST API for:
localVar ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{}}/localVar
processVar ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.rootContainerId}}/processVar

[localVar] - Bonita process local variable (for task), of BDM Type.
[processVar] - Bonita process variable, the same type as above.

BDM Type
attr1 - string
attr2 - string
attr3 - int
attr4 - string

How to extend Bonita in order to use external XACML policy

I would like to extend functionality of Bonita in order to allow users access to some resources by using external XACML policy point ?
How can I do that and where is the place to put the filter to to intercept all REST calls and enforce authorization ?
I read that one possibilities is ti use groovy script. Is that the best options, or only option ?

Connector wont execute on REST call

Hello, i'm currently developing a C# client where I need to instance some process via REST API. I have no problem executing any task with contracts, but when any userTask has a connector (specifically a rest connector to another server of mine), this won't execute and its skipped while the task is completed sending me a success response (Code: 204). However, if I perform the tasks on the portal every connector works perfectly.
The method i'm expecting to execute both the task and connector is {API/bpm/userTask/:taskId/execution} sending the correspondent json with the contract.

Is it safe to use REST API Login with password in the URL

Hi guys,

The title is pretty clear : we have a doubt concerning security when we see that the Login REST API sends the user's password in the URL.

instantiation form data

is there a way to retrieve the caseId from an instantiation form?

I'm building the following URL:


with it, I open a browser that shows me the instantiation form for that process. I can complete the form and start a new case.
What I want is to be able to, through a REST GET request in my code, or something like that, be able to retrieve the newly created caseID. Is this even possibel?

Search task by date


I need to search tasks where reached_state_date > "xyz" using REST API
Can't find it in documentation

version 7.2

Can anyone help me please?!

Bonita REST Connector PUT errors

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use the REST connector (Bonita 7.4.1) to call a PUT method.

I created a mock with SoapUI that just returns a Code200 response.

Connector config :
PUT URL : http://localhost:9080/ClientRequest/123
Type : application/json
Charset : UTF-8
Payload : {"status" : "TO_VALIDATE", "tadkId" : "123"}