Map Rest Connector Object Response into a Process Variable (complex Business Object with MULTIPLE Business OBject, including LISTs)

I am calling this service I've found in other examples https://www.metaweather.com/api/location/44418/, from a REST Connector out and it returns a complex structure.

All the examples I've found extract a single STRING from the complex structure (from bodyAsObject) without issues. I could do so also without any problem.

issue with rest-get connector when status is 204 or 404 or... (empty body)


We have a process where we are calling a web service with a GET method.

When the response is 204, or 404 and the body is empty, it breaks with an exception in the script. It seems to be in any cases when we are importing the bodyAsObject connector output in a script.

we get this stacktrace:

Get human task from existing process

Help please.
I have a process call "WKF" , and in the design, the process have some human task defined, for example
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3....
Task N.
My question is, how can i get all the human task names from the process (WKF), independent if the process have human tasks created or not.
Please help

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This REST API extension allow to execute SQL queries using a JDBC data source.

The extension allow to easily display data coming directly from a database into Bonita BPM forms.
Usage of JDBC data source brings benefits of connection pooling for better performance.

Releases for Data source REST API extension

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Version BonitaBPM Version Post date Download Link
7.4.2 - 2.1 7.x 2017-Jul-17 Download
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2.0.0 7.x, 7.2.x 2016-May-25 Download
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1.0.0 7.x, 7.2.x, 7.1.x, 7.0.x 2016-Apr-18 Download
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bonita 7.1 , problems with REST api and sessions

hello guy, i need help please:

I' usign the REST API from bonita 7.1 , and i'm creatig a web application using maven and incorporating bonita REST API.

I'm using this guide:

Rest authorization

Hi, I am trying to get list of process instances (or any other rest api data I can get) by making a XMLHttpRequest from Javascript. The loginservice request comes through, but when I try to get the process instances json, response is 401 unauthorized, because the cookie isn't set. Can you please tell me why is that? Just to mention, I tried the withCredential option because I can't manually set the cookie, but it doesn't work.

using rest in a constraint

I tried to use rest connector and RestClient in the contract constraints , but the editor kept lagging and eventually I couldn't start bonita at all. Could you tell me is this even possible to do or is there another way I could do server side validation of my data?
Magdalina Civovic