REST Anonymous User

Is it possible to create an application page using the UI designer that does not require login?

This would be useful for user registration pages.

I thought there was a way to login to a living application page by putting the username and password in the url. for example. localhost:8080/bonita/apps/appname/registration?username=anonymous&password=bpm

But when I tested this option it did not work. Is there a way to turn this feature on?

Or another way to accomplish this?

Bonita 7.+ REST Anonymous User

In all the 7.+ Release notes Limitations and known issues it says that

Autologin / Anonymous access to form is not available with the new Form application.

Is this a Limitation or a Known Issue as they are different?

Limitation means will never be implemented, Known issues will be fixed at some stage...

Can Bonitasoft please separate them so we know what we are looking at/for.