How to access process variables from UI


I have a business process variable named vProc that has an integer value initialize of 125.
I initialize the process by a UI Form that has these variables:
task | ../API/bpm/task/{{taskId}} | External API
taskId | id | URL parameter
vProc | ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.caseId}}/vProc | External API

In my form I have three Text Areas to show the values: | vProc | taskId

401 Unauthorized for /bonita/API/bpm/userTask/80019/execution

Bonita BPM Studio Version: 7.8.4
I have create a new instance of a process and trying to complete them using Rest APIs using postman as Rest Client. Steps followed

  1. Login in using the task onwer credentials , helen.kelly
    POST /bonita/loginservice

Task and Owner Details:
Task Details:80019

More general use REST API BDM search

Hi! I'd love some input and ideas, because it feels like I am missing something or thinking of this the wrong way.
I am using bonita to create the process definition, process steps and the business data models. I want to be able to search these existing BDM records via the API based on the fields that exist in the model.

Say you have 3 fields:
- DateCreated field of date type
- Comment field of string type
- DecisionStep of int type

Invoking REST API inside a process/diagram


What's the correct way to invoke the REST API from inside a BPM/process? I'm getting the 401 Unauthorized response when trying to use the REST Connector to a bonita API.

When invoking it externally, I understand that you need to call the login service and use the received X-Bonita-API-Token cookie. But inside a BPM what's the proper way? Should we use the same logic, with the execution of a REST Connector to the login service, processing the response headers and then send it as a cookie?