REST API Connector

How to use REST Connector to get data from REST API Extension

I use REST API Extension to retrieve some data from third-party software. I want to integrate that in the process using REST Connector. Apparently, the result always error 401 which means unauthenticated.

So is there a way for me to use the REST API Extension from the Process?

REST api connector usage


I came here to ask about how to use the REST api connector in Bonita 7.10. I was looking through the contributions to see a project that uses it as a connector, however, I couldn't find any. I tried the community projects, such as the official vacation management project and the procurement one.

If you guys happen to know any project or a tutorial that teaches how to use it, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Rest API Call


I am newbie using Bonita platform. Just created a process flow that connects to database and web service.

I am trying to get some examples/samples to call external rest API using rest connectors from a process flow. Also looking at samples that show how can we call the process in bpm using rest api.

Can somebody help with this request?

Thanks in advance.


REST API Connector Set-up and Use

Hi, I'm brand new to Bonita so please excuse my terminology.

I'm looking to use the REST API Connector to connect of a REST API of a Java service to extract data from a MySQL database. The format of the API is basically multiple Customers where each Customer has multiple Suppliers. There are other fields like Name, email address etc. I'll use in the workflow. I'm extracting these so I can send an email to the Customer and each supplier of that Customer, I can send emails via the email connector.