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How to fetch the contracts and BDM operations for each task using REST API

Due to an unfortunate Incident, My work Laptop crashed and now I am unable to retrieve any Data.
It contained all my Development work related to Bonita BPM.

Now I have to recreate all the Processes.

I was wondering is there any way I can fetch all the details of all the tasks.
I am trying to fetch the contracts of each task and the BDM Operations defined for each task.

Send a message event via REST API


I have questions regarding a 7.8 new feature : the ability to send a message event via REST API.

Here's my need :
During the lifecycle of a case, I need to wait at a given point for an external backend to send back data for defining the assignee of the next task. The assignee differ from case to case.

I thought about using a receive message task (or event, I couldn't find the difference). Then the backend will send a message event (using REST API ) with the necessary data for the case to move forward.

Create BPM process using REST API

I've been reading through the REST API documentation on using GET to query the values of various process objects, and PUT to update the values of various process objects, but there seems to be no POST or similar method to build a process using the REST API.

Is the REST API restricted to only being able to update processes objects after they have been manually drawn, or can you build processes via the REST API too?

Custom Login with PHP using REST API

Hi friends,

I'm trying to log in Bonita with PHP calling the loginservice API.

I have an html page with the controls, then when in the page press "Log in", I call the php function to call de API with the user credentials.

Then I return something like this to the html page:

Get html of form of a task via API

Hi everyone,

I have a human task to which I defined a form through the editor. Is there a way to obtain the html code of such form via the REST API?

Edit: I tried 3 different ways to get the html form throught the API:

Time out exception

Im trying to delete a very large case and the rest api is giving me a QueryTimeoutException.

Im not sure if for this case I have to modify the database time out setting or if there is a way to modify the Bonita Rest API time out.

Hope someone could help me out.


How to Execute a Inner Join using REST API

I am using the REST Sql Datasource API.
It works fine. I can execute queries and get desired output.
But I am now trying to execute a Inner join query. There is no filter condition.
Its A simple query that matches all records between 2 tables and gets all the fields.
Somehow the Inner join query is not working. I am getting internal server error.

logicalGroup2 sql exception

In our environment we are having multiple sql exceptions that reference the column logicalGroup2

Ill share with you a fragment of Bonita BPM logs:


How can we configure authorization to instantiate a process via REST API?

In our application, we instantiate the process via REST API. In the process configuration, an actor is set as 'initiator' configured with actor mapping. But these settings does not seem to apply the authorization to instantiate the process and any Bonita user(though not qualifying for the actor mapping filter) belonging to the installed organization was able to instantiate the process.

Thanks in advance,
Raji Malla