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BDM API: how to add a filter with multiple values (OR) to the external API variable

I have an external API variable in my form which returns the count of an entity created by a particular user with one specific value for a specific attribute (tipo).


i need this variable to return the count this entity with any of 2 specific values for this attribute (i need to add an OR clause in the URL and dont know how to do it).

How to fetch Portal/System comments using Rest Api

In my scenario, Various users add comments to a task.
These comments can be viewed by Selecting the case and then view case details.
In addition there are System comments there as well.

Now I want to retrieve these comments and display them in a page.
Now this page is outside the portal.This is an Application page.

I believe that I need to use Web Rest API to retrieve these comments (Portal / system ) .

Kindly Suggest a method to do the following .


Accessing REST api flowNode

I'm trying to use the redirectNextTask widget on a form and everything worked fine until I deployed the process on a testing server. On the testing server, everytime I open the task and the form gets loaded, the page gets redirected. After some debug I found that the problem was that when the script inside the redirectNextTask widget was calling the rest api /bonita/API/bpm/flowNode/16 (16 is an example) I get an HTTP ERROR 403 (forbidden access).

How can we check user permissions ?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to understand how REST API's permissions work with Bonita 7.4, if someone can provide any info it would be nice :)

So here's what I understood :

Error 500 start a case from asp.NET via REST API

I canot connect to Bonita engine to start a case from, the next is the code, the last line fails, can anybody help me:

Just in case people haven't seen this: page_gasoline : Rest SQL DataSource + Admin page

I was just about to fire off some questions about the "DATA SOURCE REST API EXTENSION" as it seemed to overwrite any changes I made in the query file - this looks like the perfect, easily maintainable replacement.

I'll be digging into it today.

Thanks Pierre!

Share bonita session with another domain

Right now we are using external forms done in .NET and they are in another server what we are trying to do is share the same session between Bonita Server and .NET server so we can use the BonitaBPM Portal and be able to complete and start cases using the .NET forms, we could configure CORS and be able to consume the REST API from .NET Server but for that we need to authenticate from .NET Server to get a valid session and what we are trying to do is avoid that double authentication, we want to share the same session so the user only have to enter the Bonita Portal and be able to consume t

REST API Loginservice

I created a custom login page using jquery I could successful login using the rest api but I cant understand very well the redirect option of the REST API, after changing the redirect option to true and add the redirectURL to "../bonita/portal" I see that the response is a html page but how can I use that information so I can redirect the user to the portal page?

What Im trying to do is a custom login page were if the user put the correct credentials the system redirect them to the bonita portal

REST api for HumanTask filter by process name?

I am using the humanTask REST API to display users with their pending tasks for a given process.

To do this I get the latest process definition based on process name. This gives me a processId that I then use in f=processId={{ processDef[0].id }} (not documented?).

Is there a way to filter on processName instead? The problem with my solution is that when I deploy a new version of the process I loose the humanTaskes for older definitions of the process.

[RESOLVED] Community Edition

Can I use a REST API extension in the Community Studio?

It does not seem possible.