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Injecting Process Variables into REST POST


I'm trying to send a REST POST from Bonita with a Connectors out. It works with static data. But I need to send data from my current running processInstance (which is fireing the connector) within the body of the REST.

Bonita only says "Variables can be injected using '${}' tags, press 'Cntrl + Space' to access the content assist'"

But I can't make it work with that explanation.

My Data Object is called Feature and my variables are title and description.

So I tried it with something that looks like that:

Get a business variable in the REST POST Payload


I have a business variable called person, which is a complex variable with the properties name and birthDate.

I want to get the value of this variables in the payload of a rest connector to send a request to my rest API

I'm trying this way, but it's thorws a error when call the getName()
"name": ${person.getName()},
"birthDate": ${person.getBirthDate()}

Screenshot of my POST Request configs