401 unauthorized for /API/platform/licence


I'm using Bonita 7.2.1. I want to access GET|/API/platform/licence rest API. So I call POST|/loginservice with technical user(install) followed by GET|/API/platform/licence but I get 401 unauthorized error.

Please let me know what is missing.

Connector wont execute on REST call

Hello, i'm currently developing a C# client where I need to instance some process via REST API. I have no problem executing any task with contracts, but when any userTask has a connector (specifically a rest connector to another server of mine), this won't execute and its skipped while the task is completed sending me a success response (Code: 204). However, if I perform the tasks on the portal every connector works perfectly.
The method i'm expecting to execute both the task and connector is {API/bpm/userTask/:taskId/execution} sending the correspondent json with the contract.

how do i use my custom connector inside the restApi

hi guys
i have connector for create log inside of business data ( my connector start process for save new log)
i have restapi . the duty of this rest api is to assign and unassign task to specific user .
i want to use that connector inside of this rest api so i can have the assign logs .
i exported that connector and add as dependency inside of rest api dependencies


and i copy the jar file in side of this folder

Filter Archived Human Task by Process Name

Hi every body,

I need write custom rest API for filtering archiving human task with Process Name.
Once I do, but result not exactly true same as Bonita API "/bonita/API/bpm/archivedHumanTask?p=0&c=10&o=reached_state_date DESC&f=assigned_id=4&f=state=completed&d=rootContainerId".

This is my code :