Managing Organizations through studio and portal


I made an organization with some groups and roles on the studio, and deployed it on localhost.
Now, I added a new role through the portal, which worked properly, but this addition or change isn't reflected on the studio. Now, if I add a new role through the studio and deploy, this new role is added in the portal, but also the old role I'd added on the portal is still present, even though it wasn't present in the studio organization.

Is this a feature, where you persist the changes made on the portal, or is it a bug?


User initiator does not work well

I developed a process on bonita 7.5.4 comunity:
* on instantiaton form Iassigned it to an "actorSoporte" and a filter actor "STI",
* on Configure, I managed roles.
The problem is that the instantiaton form's task may be make by anyone, I need this task may be make only for role "STI"

Assign Task to Group or Multiple Users


Is there anyone who knows how to assign task to multiple users and assign also to group? The purpose is since there are times that the main approver is not around so it needs to be approved by other user. Please help.


How to assign task to a specific group and all users in a group can view it?


How can I assign a task to a group and users can view it and whoever approves the task will be fetch? The purpose of this is for the task not to be pending for a long time and other users can approve certain task for it to be release right away.


Trying to distribute tasks

assigning ownership of an actor who picks new task

We have the following challenge to overcome: An actor A initiates task filling a Form. The task appears as a New Task in the list of Tasks of range of actors together, let’s say B, C and D. Whoever will pick the Task (by clicking an Accept button) will become owner of it. How to assign all subsequent activities (approvals, rejects, history logs etc.) to the actor who picked the task and became owner?

We use Bonita 6.1.