Update a document from a document list

Hello, I have a list of documents that were uploaded in a previous step, in the next step I can update previously uploaded documents, I need a script idea of ​​how to replace an item in a document list with a new version, someone could help me?

Problems getting file id in start script


Currently I use BonitaStudio 7.7.4 and I have a human task with a form with multiple data to which a file can be loaded.

Create a multiple document that takes its value from the variable declared in the contract.
I want for each multiple record to store the id of the document so that in the next task I can show each multiple data in a table with its associated document.

I am using this code within each:
Document doc = apiAccessor.getProcessAPI().getDocument(processInstanceId, currentComisionMensualDetalleInput.documentoAsociado).getId();

How to find out if a service task has been terminated?

How do I find out if a service task has been terminated? Is it possible to figure this out through groovy script?

Get current user Id in Task Operations

Hello All,

How can I get the current user id from within a script in a Operations assignment?

I want to store the user id in a BDM for future reference and auditing.

Thank you.

insert values in postgres

I'm trying to insert values into a table in postgreSQL, I need to save the values of the variables that the user enters into the application.
I test with static values in this case the test is correct but when I put the variables the script does not work.
The script is the following:

`import groovy.sql.Sql;

import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.Document;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.DocumentValue;

Script task


I'm building a process in BPM and I've sucessfully done it without script (automatic) tasks. Now, I added a script task that should run the script automatically but is not doing it. The script works, because I tested it on "evaluate" option in the script. I added the script on the "Operations" tab under "Execution" option of the Task.


What replaces "deprecated" script connector?

The "in-transaction" script connector is deprecated.

What logic replaces it's functionality? Viz: Creating and updating BDM instances other than those declared in the business data for the process?