Search for the next 100 processes available for a user


I am using Bonita 6.3.6 and working on a scenario to check if there is a next case available. So that , if I finish acting on one of the cases, it takes me directly to the next one waiting for my action, if there exists one. What I have tried now is using the **SearchOptionsBuilder **and list out the cases from 0 to 100. Is there a way where we can get the next 100 cases from the current case id for a user.

My ideal solution would be a method to check if there is a next case and is so get the next process instance id or the case id.
Any help would be appreciated.

Find users in a group having a role in another group

In my organization, roles are used to describe a user job. For instance I could have an IT role in /acme.

Now I am trying to find all the users in the HR Group (I have its id) that have a given role in /acme

Is there a way to build such a query using SearchOptionsBuilder or should I iterate over the users in HR Group to apply my second filter?

If not... well that would be a nice addition!