How to assign the value in a custom widget?

ng-class="{ 'control-label--required': properties.required }"
class="control-label col-xs-{{ !properties.labelHidden && properties.labelPosition === 'left' ? properties.labelWidth : 12 }}">
{{ properties.label | uiTranslate }}

Select Widget - How to pass two values ?

Hey guys,
In a select widget you can set the displayed key (in my case: E-Book), returned key (in my case: 490$) and the value (in my case $item.price).

My problem is, that I need to fill two variable, because on the next page I want to see what the customer choosed and what the price is. For now, I only see the price.
How can I set the name of the product (->E-Book) and the price (->50$), by selecting "E-Book"?

SELECT widget selected value

Hi All,

I have a SELECT widget that works perfectly, except for the fact that it doesn't display the current default value. It always defaults to the placeholder value.

This SELECT has the following parameters:

Placeholder: "Select an option..."

Available values: type_list, an external API variable that returns this JSON structure

Perform Select in UI Designer via API REST with a Process Variable

I need to select the data from my BDM according to the contents of a process variable, I have already been able to change the select via API REST with the contents of a UI Designer transitor variable, but now I need the contents to be of a process variable , it is possible?

Formularios, guardar datos de un select

Buenas tardes, tengo una duda, tengo un select el cual esta mostrando los datos por assets de tipo javascript. Mi problema es que quiero guardar en una variable de proceso de bonita la seleccion que hicieron en el SELECT y no logro hacerlo ya que en valor tengo la variable que muestra las opciones. Que podria hacer?

display json in select box

I am having trouble displaying json objects in select box widget in ui designer. Earlier I was able to do this in Bonita 7, but now I can only list items in a String separated with commas. Can you tell me why is that?
Magdalina Civovic

how to call external API

I want to call an external api in a ui designer variable, that returns JSON array, so that I could fill the dropdown widget with this array. Is this possible in Bonita or is it only possible to call Bonita API? Thanks in advance,
Magdalina Civovic