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How to fire the Custom Widget

I have a page with a Select and a Text Field from a Custom Widget in it.

When I change the Select I need the Custom Widget to fire so the Text Field can be updated.

It seems the Custom Widget only fires once on page load which means I'm not able to update my data.

Can anyone tell me how to fire my Custom Widget based on the change of a Select?

Many thanks in advance


Problem with select and transmit content


I try to fill a select list with the content of the database field (id)
So I can fill the select list with the id's of my database but when I try to send the value to an another form I can't.

I have on the component an error of type field.

My code:
1) I create a Pool variable : listofId (java.util.List)
2) I create a connexion in
2.1) I edit expressions with that code :
def script = ""
script ="SELECT Id FROM demo"