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Associer une liste (sous forme d'un tableau EXcel ou base de données SQlserveur ) à un select Widget.

Je voudrais associer une liste (sous forme d'un tableau EXcel ou base de données SQlserveur ) à un select Widget.
Sous Bonita 7.8.3, j'ai crée un connecteur vers la base de donnée sql serveur , je reçois ce message:

To capture value from a database table in a select widget

I need to load a list of data from an auxiliary table created in the database inside my select object. How can I do this using an API?

ui designer select widget

je découvre bonita et bloque sur l'alimentation du widget select
quelqu'un aurait-il une archive de process (bos en version 7) qui expliciterait le fonctionnement



Selected widget: selected value to BPM

Hi everyone.
I have an UI form with a select widget with various options. I want to obtain the item user selects and return it so I am able to use it on the BPM side. In the UI form setting, I populate the select widget with a JSON string such as

MySQL connector and process variable to UI Select widget

Hi everyone,

I have a simple process with a mysql connector that should fetch data from a db and save it to a process variable. On the UI side, I want to display the process variable into a select widget.
I have a simple script that return a string in JSON format

Form not sent if a select widget is left empty

Hi all,
I have a problem with a form. I have in it two select widgets. One is mandatory while the second not. So, it could be live empty by an user. Furthermore, the “submit” button has a control such as $form.$invalid.
Now, when I test the form it happens that after have made a selection in the first select widget (because it is mandatory), the button becomes active but the form is not sent (and so my task does not go on) until I select a value also on the second select widget. The strange thing that I saw is:

How to set the Select widget Initial value from BDM object

I want to use business data to set the initial value of Select widget.

I will explain what I would like to achieve.
In the previous task, I get the value of the Select from user and set this data in business data object, and then use this value for the Select widget's initial value in the next task, so the user does not have to select, but still be able to change the value of select if it is necessary (the actor groups in this 2 tasks are different, so this 2 user should be different person).

Alternative access to activity variable

I have a form that need to access an activity variable that store a result from a SQL query to populate a select widget, but using ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/varname i'm getting 403 status result and the select widget stay empty.
Using ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{taskId}}/varname i'm obtaining a string that need to be formatted in javascript for the select widget

There's a clean way to do this? the first form I describe works very well but i need to be administrator... any suggestions?


How to assign a selected value to a select widget

I am retrieving customers from an external DB and add them in a select widget then one is selected and the data is displayed in widgets on a form.

It works fine for inputs widgets and they easily display what I tell them but antother select widget that lists available titles (Dr., Monsieur, Madame) is not displaying the title value of the selected customer.

Parsing "Connector in" result using a Select widget


I have a "connector in" which sends the a query result (list) to one Process Variable.
The resulting array has 2 "columns".

When calling the Process variable from the UI form, using a UI variable (with External API call), I don't know how to parse the result.

The select widget is supposed to show a list of departments. i.e.:
Aires Acondicionados"