Bonita Server Delete process

As an administrator user when I try to delete a process I get a forbidden error I can´t even delete a case anyone know how to fix this? is like I don´t have the required permission to use the BPM process API


j'installe bonita sur un server et j'utlise la version 7 et tomcat 7 aussi j'ai reussi a avoir le portail mais j'arrive pas à m'authentifier. pouvez vous me dire svp s'il ya d'autre configuration a faire.le LoginModule ou se trouve t-il? ci dessous vous avez mon fichier log de bonita.
merci d'avance !

How to remotely access JBOSS/Bonita (from outside the server)?

Hi folks,
I just found out, how this works, and would like to share this answer.
My problem was, that I couldn't access Bonita from outside the server, where it was installed.

Publish bonita portal in Server online

anyone know how to publish the beautiful portal into an online server? My version is pretty comunity. I will publish on a windows 2008 server.

Connect to BPM Platform from BPM Studio


I have installed the BPM Platform on a server with this IP and port and I have installed on my PC the Bonita Studio.

I've changed the the server settings on preferences to see this server, but I cannot conect with it in order to test my processes.

What am I doing wrong?