Is there an on-page connector element/diagram when creating the workflow?

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I have a workflow with 5 tasks (A, B, C, D, E). When the user starts the process the form for task A is initially displayed. I have buttons in the form to indicate the next task to be performed -- next task can either be B C D E. Each task would contain buttons to navigate through the 5 tasks. Each task would also have a Submit and Cancel button. My current workflow is so cluttered already. Is there an on-page connector or other similar elements we can use to simplify/de-clutter the diagram.

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Alfred Ayson

Multiple message recipients


correlating intermediate messages only a single instace is processed (even multiple instances match the correlation condition. seems ok - in the documentation it's stated the intermediate messages are intended for point-to-point communication). Signals are actually received by ALL listening instances.

Is there a way to correlate signal events? (so only a subset of instancess will process it). Or let the signal carry some data..

Thanks .. Gabriel