Simulation - Wich Bonita 7.x version?

Hi, for education purpose i would simulate a process with bonita.

Which edition i could use for this activity?


error on running simulation

for the first case, why when running the simulation, the process continued until past the end of the simulation of the duration of time that has been determined, and even continued not stop?
and for the second case, everything is going well, except that there is no waiting time shown for the each task?


How to setup a process simulation?

I just created a very simple proces, based on the video entitled "Proces Simulation" (

I am using: Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.0.1 Build id : 7.0.1. on an iMac.

All elements as shown in the video were recreated. But I can't hget the simulation running. Any tip? Is there any other video on how to use BonitaSoft just for running simulaties of various scenario's of modelled business processes?

Problem in simulation

I'm currently using Bonita 6.4, My process model is working fine but the simulation woudn't run. In monitor log I get this error: !ERROR java.lang.NullPointerException !STACK 0 line #1: net.sf.csv4j.ProcessingException: java.lang.NullPointerException at net.sf.csv4j.CSVStreamProcessor.processStream( at net.sf.csv4j.CSVFileProcessor.processFile( at org.bonitasoft.simulation.reporting.CSVSimReportStorage.getStoredProcessInstances(

Simulation - no waiting time is shown

Hallo everybody,

i am currently trying to simulate a process in Bonita 6.3.8. Everything is going well, except that there is no waiting time shown for the whole process. The waiting time for the single steps is shown, but not for the process. The diagrams for "[processname] Instances Waiting Time" and "[processname] Waiting Time By Instance" are always 0. I even tried the Delivery_Process example which is included in Bonita 5.6. There is the same problem.

Does anybody know why the both diagramms are always 0?

Kind regards,


Simulation in Bonita 6.3.x: Is there a delivery-simulation example process and documentation for the latest version?

Hello everybody,

i am currently trying to familiarize with Bonita BPM 6.3.8. I am trying to simulate one of my processes and I was wondering if there was documentation and the delivery-simulation process for the latest version. If there is not, are there any major changes in simulation from the version 5.x to 6.x. which I have to consider? Is there any process simulation example for a 6.x version?

Kind regards,