Consumir web service hecho en .asmx


Tengo creado un web service en formato .asmx y ahora necesito utilizarlo en BonitaSoft, estoy usando la versión 7.

Cómo debo configurar el conector SOAP para poder tener acceso al web service.

Agradecido por cualquier ayuda,


Bonita 7 / Error on web-service response


I'm going further on my test against Bonita 7... and I got another issue...

I'm testing a very simple SAOP web service, that just takes a string and returns its length. The service is served by a SoapUI mock that seems to work as expected.

The request is built in my process connector using a Groovy MarkupBuilder, and is correctly sent to the service that returns the same response I've successfully tested out of Bonita.

Here is the Groovy script.

Handle a SoapFault in a web service

Hi everyone,

I'm using a web service in my process.

I would like to handle the case when an error occurs, and the SOAP response contains the SoapFault tag.

Concretely, in the input I have an identifier of a person. In the output, I should have infos about that person. If there's no person with that identifier, the web service returns a response with SoapFault. How can I warn the process user about that?

I'm using Bonita CE 6.5.1. Thank you in advance.

Consume a SOAP 1.1 Web Service with BonitaSoft 6.2.4


I am trying to consume a PeopleSoft Web Service with Bonitasoft 6.2.4. Since Peoplesoft uses SOAP 1.1, while BonitaSoft accepts only SOAP 1.2, it is not possible to achieve this directly.Note that i have already tried all the means mentioned in the forums available on the Web.

I would be grateful if you could tell me if you or other people have been able to connect a peoplesoft webservice with bonitasoft(concrete working example)?

Thanking you in advance for you response.

Using a SOAP Web Service Connector through proxy

Hello Community,

I do not succeed in consuming a SOAP Webservice from Bonita Studio through a proxy. Even though I set the proxy-settings correctly in Bonita Studio and system-wide, I always get the error: Exception trying to call remote webservice

At home (without any proxy) I am able to consume the webservice correctly. That´s why I know that the Web Service connector is correctly configured. At work, I get the mentioned error. I changed proxy settings in Bonita Sutdio to manual and added the correspondent url. But the mentioned error still occured.