SpringMVC Bonita Engine

How to initilize a class in RestAPI Ext when Bonita server starts

I created a Rest API Extension to which we can use to schedule the task to run on define time with define interval.

The program I works fine as long as Bonita Server is running without any restart.

How can I update the JobStore in Bonita with my new Job and allow application to pick the job automatically when Bonita server restarts.

I used Quartz library within my Rest API and created a scheduler. But, I think in order to pick my new Job by Bonita when it restart, I need to use the Scheduler that is initiated by Bonita server.

Can I submit my own form into Bonita Engine

I want to develop web application by SpringMVC Leave Management. The process of approval will be invoked Bonita Engine. The screen of Leave request is HTML webpage. I want to submit the Leave request from Spring Controller (run on Tomcat A) into Bonita Engine . Then the request is reviewed to approve or reject by manager via Bonita Portal (Run on Tomcat B).

Is it possible?