Migrating from SQL Server to Postgres


I've been reading the Migration Tool documentation but I'm not seeing any direct references to migration from one db vendor to another.

I'm hopping someone can enlighten me. I'm trying to migrate from 7.10.3 SQL Server on a remote machine to 7.10.3 postgres local install.

Thank you all!

Bontita 7.5 con sqlserver

He instalado la última versión de bonita (7.5), entonces he instalado la última versión de java (jdk-8u131-windows-x64).

Después de eso, configuré el sqlserver con la base de datos BONITA_BPM, y segui todos los pasos para la configuración de sqlserver.

Luego segui todos los pasos para la configuración del tomact.

Pero cuando voy a la carpeta C: \ BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.0 \ workspace \ tomcat y ejecuto el archivo start-bonita.bat en la carpeta, consigo este error.

BonitaSoft RDBMS With SqlServer

I installed the last version of bonita (7.5), then i installed the last version of java (jdk-8u131-windows-x64).

after that, y configured the sqlserver with the database BONITA_BPM, and i make all the step for the sqlserver configurarion.

then i follow all the steps for the tomact configuracion.

but when i go to the folder C:\BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.0\workspace\tomcat and i execute the file start-bonita.bat in the folder , i get this error.

setup\setup.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

Error 404 after database vendor change.

Hello everyone.

I've just downloaded Bonita BPM Community 7.4.3 to deploy with wildfly-10.1.0. I've followed the instructions to install and run the bundle with the default H2 database, with no problems on Windows server 2008 R2. Then I go to http://localhost:8080/bonita, and it works just fine.

Bonita 7 - Tomcat SQL Server

Je souhaiterai réaliser une installation Bonita 7.1 - Tomcat 7- MSSQL Server 2012 sur un Windows Server 2008 R2
Dans la configuration des environnements : http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/hardware-and-software-requirements-2 il est dit que qu'un environnement Tomcat/SQL Server ne serait pas supporté et ne fonctionnerait tout simplement pas à cause de Bitronix.

Problem with Tomcat and SQL SERVER2008

I configured my SQL SERVER 2008 with steps in below link and i am getting below error at the start of Bonita.

link : http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/database-configuration-0#configdatas... ERROR : "Server Apache Tomcat v6.0 (2) at localhost failed to start."

Bonitasoft 6.2. on Windows Server 2008R2, Tomcat 6 and SQL server database.


I followed all instructions to configure bonitasoft for SQL server. When I start bonitasoft the tables in the database are created (which proves that the credentials and permissions are okay). However, I keep getting the same error after the tables have been created.