I change the database h2 for Sql Server and portal doesn't work

Hi everyone, my problem is that when I modify Bonitasoft version 7.5.4 to work with Sql Sever 2008, the portal and login stopped working, will anyone know how to fix it? Beforehand thank you very much!

Bonitasoft Community 7.5.4

Windows 7

Sql Server 2008

Passing 'text' variables values in SQL queries

I am trying to pass some variables in my SQL Server queries in the database connector.

I have two cases

  1. SELECT * FROM DOCUMENT WHERE DOC_ID IN(${documentidnumber}) -- This works fine.
  2. SELECT * FROM DOCUMENT_CODE WHERE CODE_ID IN(${doccode}) --- I have issues here.

This is the error - Declared return type class java.lang.Integer is not compatible with evaluated type class java.lang.String for expression doccode"

How do you display a business variable list (containing SQL data) in the UI table widget?


I'm quite new to Bonitasoft. I'm currently using the Bonitasoft 7.4.3 Community Edition, to use as a POC to show to my manager the capabilities of Bonitasoft in terms of a BPM offering.

I'm having issues with displaying a business variable list containing data from a MS SQL table into the UI table widget. I've gone through the tutorials on the UI and have looked at all questions and answers containing the linking of external data and displaying the data in the UI. Below is what I've done.

[SOLVED] Unable to install a process with JBoss

Hi everybody.
I just finished developing the bonita rest extension for my company and i want to switch to the production environment.

Thus, i installed the jboss bundle using Sql Server databases (for both the bonita database and the business data database).
After a few attempts, I managed to install it and everything seems to work fine, except i cannot install the processes from the web portal.

To do so, I use to "build the diagrams" into .bar files, and then install those from the "processes" page with an administrator account.

Error using JBoss bundle + SQLServer 2008 (Updating Schema Fails) Bonita v7.1

I'm trying to deploy the BDM into the server since three days ago and i'm facing the following error. Could you help me to solve it, PLEASE?

Stack Trace: