start case

Create a case on a specific task

Hi all,

I was using the REST API and done the create case examples using the information on this link:

Example 1 created the case.
Example 2 created the case with variables.

I then created a simple workflow with two tasks.
"Step 1" and "Step 2"

And thought that maybe there is a way to create a case starting on a specific task?
How's the syntax?

Thanks in advance,

Upload document to instantiation form with other data as well,using api

how do i upload a document to my instantiation form,where i have other data as well like name,address etc. .I want to start a new case using an api call and for that i am using "/API/bpm/process/processDefID/instantiation" and sending the name and address as payload. i want to know how do i send the document data to instantiation form(in payload or call another api to upload document to instantiation form) as its mandatory to upload document in the instantiation form.

start case in groovy

Hi, I need to start a case of a process in groovy, Im not sure if I have to call an API or if there is another way of starting a case


Start Process API

Greetings, Im trying to start a case from a process in bonita, for that im using the button widget of bonita UI, my problem that I need to target the next page of the process (not the bonita portal). For this I need to get the caseId of the process that im starting with the button but I have no clue of how to get it.