start message

connect different processes by message events

I need to cause a process to start when another process is terminated, I can do this when I have two pools in the same process, but if I try to start another process with a message event it just does not start, have they ever done this ?

Message between pools doesn't work if message value type is Integer (BPM6.2.2)


I have one pool finishing with an End Message and another pool starting with a start message. I have one message with one value between the two elements.

If I run my process with a message communicating a Text value it works fine but if I want to send an Integer value the message doesn't go through.

Is it normal?

I haven't tested other data types.


message start

A process is activate catching a message sent from an other process using a start message.

I have tried to use Bonita Community 6.2.2 to test this feature and looks fine.

start a process with a message

I'm trying to start a process catching a message sended from an other process.

I'm able to do it if I limit message content. If I insert more than 3 content item the second process doesn't start.

It's correct or there is a bug? There are limits in the bonita 6.2.2 Community?