Start a process

How to get to another page/form from different page/form

In my process, I have added an instantiation page which is an application form. According to our requirement, when you hit the "submit" button it should go to the next page which asks some additional questions and confirms before submit your information.

When you run the process, it shows the first page and it goes to bonita portal when you hit submit button. But instead of going to bonita portal how I can instruct the application to navigate to next form?

Can't create an application: Error "code": 404 "description": "The server has not found anything matching the request URI"


I am trying to create my own application, following the steps from the getting started tutorial and the procurement request example.

My process is running ok in the portal, but I can´t make it run as an application

When I try to start the process (instantiation form), I get this error:

¿How i launch with API REST a process previously created into Bonita Studio?

Hi !, I have created an workflow diagram into bonita studio , and now i want to start this process using API REST.