Business variables initialization problem


Since version 7.10.2 I have encountered a problem in the studio. After importing a BOS model I can no longer modify the initialization script for business data. I can modify the script but when I leave the window my changes are not saved.

It works with version 7.10.1

Is this a known problem?

Thank you

Verify that an equal process has already been instantiated on the portal

I have a process where my event taht initialize the process is a timer, however I need to check if there is in the portal an equal process already executed to avoid having repeated processes, my question is, I can verify the processes that are running in the portal?

Custom Query

Good afternoon,

I would like to know how to make a custom query, to obtain records of several tables. I have read and tested with the JPQL documentation that the studio provides as a reference, I have used JOIN, but I have not managed to make it work and it generates an error when I finish. Has anyone made a query like this?

I have used some queries previously but it is really limited not being able to obtain data from several tables through a single query as we do a normal database like sql.

I would greatly appreciate your help.



How to export an application made in the studio to be able to import into the development engine

I created a BonitaSoft studio process but I can not export it so I can import it into the portal as an application, if they have an example to show me it would be great

Problem in substituting translated language

Dear All,
I have a big problem. I want to add the Persian language to Bonita studio. BTW, It made based on Eclipse Babel. Because lack of supporting the Persian language in Eclipse Luna, I can't do that. I decided to substitute the Persian "*.properties" files that I get from translation site for the French language. I have copied them to the "fr" folder in bonita-studio/translation directory. After Compilation it works. However, Some words for button such as Yes, No, and
Cancel does not changed yet. I think they doesn't belong to ".properties" files.

Adding Persian language to Bonita Studio

Dear All,
I want to add the Persian language to the bonita community 7.3 that I translated in Crowdin website. So, I copy the ".po" files to the bonita-web project and compile them and it works well. The Persian language has added to Bonita portal. But I have a problem with adding the Persian language to Studio section.