Git integration in Bonita 7.11 community

Hello Everyone,

We have been experiencing some usability issues when using GIT with Bonita Community, as there is no way to merge or commit while having the Studio open. Has anyone else experienced it? How did you solve it?



Business variables initialization problem


Since version 7.10.2 I have encountered a problem in the studio. After importing a BOS model I can no longer modify the initialization script for business data. I can modify the script but when I leave the window my changes are not saved.

It works with version 7.10.1

Is this a known problem?

Thank you

Verify that an equal process has already been instantiated on the portal

I have a process where my event taht initialize the process is a timer, however I need to check if there is in the portal an equal process already executed to avoid having repeated processes, my question is, I can verify the processes that are running in the portal?

Custom Query

Good afternoon,

I would like to know how to make a custom query, to obtain records of several tables. I have read and tested with the JPQL documentation that the studio provides as a reference, I have used JOIN, but I have not managed to make it work and it generates an error when I finish. Has anyone made a query like this?

I have used some queries previously but it is really limited not being able to obtain data from several tables through a single query as we do a normal database like sql.

I would greatly appreciate your help.



How to export an application made in the studio to be able to import into the development engine

I created a BonitaSoft studio process but I can not export it so I can import it into the portal as an application, if they have an example to show me it would be great

Problem in substituting translated language

Dear All,
I have a big problem. I want to add the Persian language to Bonita studio. BTW, It made based on Eclipse Babel. Because lack of supporting the Persian language in Eclipse Luna, I can't do that. I decided to substitute the Persian "*.properties" files that I get from translation site for the French language. I have copied them to the "fr" folder in bonita-studio/translation directory. After Compilation it works. However, Some words for button such as Yes, No, and
Cancel does not changed yet. I think they doesn't belong to ".properties" files.

Adding Persian language to Bonita Studio

Dear All,
I want to add the Persian language to the bonita community 7.3 that I translated in Crowdin website. So, I copy the ".po" files to the bonita-web project and compile them and it works well. The Persian language has added to Bonita portal. But I have a problem with adding the Persian language to Studio section.